1) Astrid The Great 1569-1630
2) King Charles  1630-1655
3) Queen Magdelin 1655-1701

Adele Johns at Age 20,1500.

Adele Johns (1480-1569) is The Ancestor of The Famous Sims 3 Bridgeport Actress Alyson Johns. She Was of the Jacobian Religion.She Conquered Most of What is now Riverview From 1499 to 1541.

Early Life Edit

Johns was born in Champs Les Sims To Katerina of Champs Les Sims and Peter III .She was used to a Life of Luxury,And she had 3 Nurses:Elsa De Clifford,Helen Merriwether And Gisel Baum.At Age 13,She Was Set Up with an Arranged Marriage Between Her and 16 year old Leonardo de Sancto Dionisio. On October 3rd,1493,Adele Ran away from home. For 3 Months,A Friendly Poet Named Bowan Davis And His Wife Morwenna Kept Adele in Hiding as Their Daughter.Then in February of 1495,Adele Thanked Bowan and Morwenna (She Called her "Wenna") And left. When Adele Returned to her Family's Castle,Instead of Being Welcomed with Anger and Exilation,She Was Greeted with Much Hapinnes And Celebration,And a Little Sister,Mary,Who was born in January of 1495. Leonardo,Assuming Adele was dead,Went on to marry Iona Moore,A Princess From Isle of Sim.


Adele at Age 7


Personal Life and Marriage To Peter SpadeEdit

In 1499,At the Age of 19,Queen Adele Johns Was Crowned. In 1502,At the Age of 22,Adele Married Peter Spade , A Physician Known For his Ahead of Time Technology. In April 9th, 1503,Elspeth Spade was born. She Grew up To be a Spy for her kingdom.


A Crude Drawing of Adele,With Elspeth. c.1503


Adele Died of Old age December 31,1569.

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